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We believe that every good thing that happens in our lives is worth a celebration. Every achievement, milestones, progress, goals deserve a celebration, a recognition by ourselves or by others.

Celebrations can be of any size, intimate or public but they deserve a moment in our lives, in our memories. We want to build a community celebrating ourselves and those around us; encapsulating that time like a picture in our head that will never be erased.

That picture will remind us that we are important and that we are important for somebody else. It will remind us that we did and started something. The most important thing it will remain us that we finished it, just to get ready to start something new again.

With each celebration we create memories that live for a lifetime and that is Ëlabba’s mission. We dedicate all our efforts to celebrate what is important to you or by those who loves you and cares about you.

Our team has worked in London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and African Nations Cup UK. We have over 12 years experience in the spectacle, leisure, events and entertainment industry.

Life is meant to build good memories, it should be fun, playful and enjoyable. We cannot choose or do anything about the bad experiences we have in our lives. However, we have the power to create those happy memories at least once in our lives according to our vision, our dreams and all we always wanted.

Our Story

Our story is all about trust. Trust is a value that we do not take for granted. For us is the most important value of all.

We deliver what we promise. We started over a year ago and successfully we have been continuously delivering our clientele tailored requirements. As you will find from our feedbacks, you will note that we have had excellent feedback so far, which has enabled us to build strong, unbreakable trust between us and our clientele. Therefore we won’t promise anything that we are not able to deliver.

Trust is very hard to build, but very easy to destroy. It is not worth taking the risk, because even if you win it back, it will never be the same.

At Ëlabba, we do not take risks.

Ëlabba is a play, leisure and events organisation, whose aim is to bring you the dream experience that you are looking for, regardless of if you are an individual or a corporate.

We create and capture everlasting memories. Transforming your dreamed ideas into a real vision for your event.

Planning bespoke events for you.

We specialise in corporate entertainment, West African Traditional Celebrations™️, private parties and themed events.

With trust from our clients, Ëlabba will be able to provide children with the tools needed to develop the skills and abilities to get better chances in life, and in their disadvantaged communities, through play.

We provide free celebrations to these children to positively impact their lives because we believe in them regardless of their socioeconomic situation and seeing them happy is priceless. We believe that whatever they want out of this life they can dream it, believe it and they can make it happen.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Trust is everything for us.

Our Team



Marketing Director and International Leisure and Events Manager

DCS designs and creates unique lifetime memories that live for a lifetime through events. Helping people and organisations to celebrate their big or small achievements.

Cynthia Benitez

Cynthia Benitez

WordPress Developer

Cynthia designs and maintains the website, to make sure everything runs smoothly and it is up-to-date and visually pleasing.